I am rotten to the core if they're to be believed..

Im 20, soon to be 21.
In the fall i will be a senior at a backwards ass university in NY.
Psychology major.
I am a dj for my college radio station.
I recently got a tragus piercing, and i LOVE it.
I like working out a lot.
I call everyone "dude," dont be offended by it.
I dont like to follow a lot of fashion trends, i kinda try to do my own thing. Edie Sedgwick is my fashion icon.
Scorpio to the core.
I laugh at a lot of stupid shit.
Im pretty dorky and tomboyish i think.
Im extremely loyal.
I have a temper that can hold back tides. Fuck with me and i will mop the floor with you. I am very sweet and friendly if you arent a dick to me or anyone i know. =]